Secure Shortcut (SeeCut)

Om projektet

Secure shortcut (SeeCut) focuses on cost-efficient of production systems for secure collection, analysis, visualization, storage and sharing of production data. The project addresses the integration of new signals and sensors for data collection needed to ensure and prove that required accuracy and quality are achieved for delivered products, as well as the sharing of data between partners in a value chain. A challenge in collecting critical data is how to efficiently, quickly and without extensive engineering time integrate new signals and data streams into a production system. Another challenge is how to securely share such data based on contractual agreements without imposing extensive cost associated with the establishment, enforcement and follow-up. For advanced products, like jet engine components, collecting data during manufacturing is essential, not only for quality assurance but also for monitoring wear and tear to schedule for remanufacturing of such parts. Jet engine parts are thereby subject to circular production systems, which further demands data to be shared between partners. The main goals of this project are to (impact goal 1) identify key technical requirements related to production data for use in digitalized value chains, (impact goal 2) define means to ease the run-time integration of new signals and data streams from manufacturing machinery and sensors, and (impact goal 3) define how to securely and cost-efficiently share data through the value chains in circular production.