Strategiskt innovationsprogram: Samlar Sverige för hållbar och konkurrenskraftig produktion

Resilient and Sustainable Production – Proactive greenfield and brownfield production development (RaSP)

This project addresses challenges for the manufacturing firm setting up new, ie, greenfield, production facilities.

The industrial relevance of the project lies in ensuring a future-proof factory in an efficient industrial value chain, based on circularity, in terms of minimum waste and long-term overall sustainability with a triple bottom line perspective, including social, ecological and long- term economic values ​​(people, planet and profit). Yet another requirement is the ability to adapt to future market needs and opportunities, to be resilient. Resilience and sustainability are essential requirements for competitive manufacturing in the future. With these aspects in mind, this research proposal: “Resilient and Sustainable Production – Proactive greenfield and brownfield production development (RaSP)” is formed.

The RaSP project aims to develop a framework with guidelines including illustrative examples that proactively support Swedish manufacturing industries to be at the forefront in the transition towards circular production and create prerequisites for resilience and sustainability both for greenfield and brownfield production development. The two overarching goals are: a) to determine the essential elements of a resilient and sustainable production system, and b) to create a development process supporting such a development. Practical knowledge will be developed related to the content and prerequisites, from a holistic perspective.

To achieve these goals, we will work in a consortium including manufacturers developing greenfield production plants and suppliers of automation solutions. Furthermore, in the project team we have expertise from other recent greenfield project in Sweden; the establishment of the Northvolt plants. An essential part of the project is the development of a framework supporting development of resilient and sustainable production system. The framework will include tacit and explicit learnings from previous experiences and together with the newly developed knowledge be captured into a generic framework.

An interactive research approach will be applied where the co-operation in the consortia is based on a mutual interest to interpret, understand, develop and suggest different strategies and activities throughout the whole research project. The approach will support co-creation of knowledge in fast-moving production development processes (in greenfield and brownfield projects) where uncertainties and new problems need to be considered. Thus, the project provides possibilities for a high learning curve providing opportunities for dual benefits for both practices and science. The work is divided into five work packages (WP1-WP5).

WP1: Competitive manufacturing for the future
WP2: Content of resilient and sustainable production systems
WP3: Production innovation capability for resilient and sustainable production
WP4: Framework for development of resilient and sustainable production systems
WP5: Dissemination of project results

Activities in WP1-WP3 will be carried out in parallel. Results from WP1-WP3 will gathered and refined in WP4 and the intended framework with guidelines supporting proactive development of resilient and sustainable production systems will gradually evolve.

Project leader
Kerstin Johansen, Tekniska Högskolan i Jönköping
[email protected]
+46 739101720

Participating organisations
→ Technical Jönköping
→ Luleå University
→ Polarbröd AB
→ Havre Dals AB
→ Falk Metall AB
→ 3ButtonGroup
→ P9 Project AB

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