Strategiskt innovationsprogram: Samlar Sverige för hållbar och konkurrenskraftig produktion

SINDRI – stage 2

The project will investigate a new method to reduce raw material waste in the manufacturing industry.

The focus will be on metal cutting, CNC machining, where today between 50 and 80% of the starting material is processed away and then becomes metal shavings. The spilled material must then be handled, transported and washed in order to be recycled.

The market for cutting metal processing was in 2021 at just over 80 billion US dollars globally and is estimated for 2029 to reach up to 140 billion US dollars. With that market size combined with the high rate of wastage, there is a significant opportunity here to make a big difference to resource efficiency and energy consumption to the benefit of our climate.

Our project aims to verify a new process of “Near Net Shaping”, producing a raw material that is very close to the final desired shape. This means that the extent of the cutting processing can be minimized and the amount of wastage as well. There are today a few alternatives for Near Net Shaping, but these in turn entail major challenges in e.g. complexity, lack of flexibility and energy consumption.

Our method is a combination of a newly developed technology and proven processes that allow a high degree of automation, low threshold for implementation, high control of material properties and high repeatability.

Project leader
Johan Moverare, Linköpings university
[email protected]
+46 13-28 11 41

Participating organisations
→ Linköpings university

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