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Ingenjör4.0 is scaling up – offers upskilling to at least 1000 professionals per year

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Ingenjör4.0 is scaling up – offers upskilling to at least 1000 professionals per year

  • The rapid digitalization of industry creates new opportunities and increases companies’ competitiveness. It also puts new demands for skill and knowledge on professionals. Therefore the upskilling initiative Ingenjör 4.0 is now scaled up, which means more and better upskilling opportunities for industry employees throughout Sweden.

The industry in Sweden is rapidly changing due to digitalization. New knowledge is strongly needed among those already working in industry. The median age for industry workers in Sweden is relatively high compared to many other countries, making skills development and lifelong learning crucial to the Swedish industry’s competitiveness. The initiative Ingenjör4.0 offers fast and easy access to upskilling, to quickly increase competence among industrial employees. Ingenjör4.0 is now expanded through a large project financed by Vinnova, offering upskilling to thousands of professionals until 2024.

It’s so encouraging for everyone involved that we are trusted by our government to contribute to Swedish competitiveness through the upscaling of Ingenjör4.0. It is a great possibility to explore new ways for lifelong learning through national collaboration between industry and academia, says Professor Bengt-Göran Rosén, leading Ingenjör4.0.

Already today, almost 100 professionals have participated in a pilot run for Ingenjör4.0. When the initiative now scales up, the goal is to train at least 1000 persons per year, both broadly and deeply. The number of upskilling modules will expand from 16 to 48, where every module corresponds to one credit and is taught by professors and teachers from 13 Swedish Universities. Participants can combine modules as needed, thereby individually customizing their upskilling. Ingenjör4.0 also offers matchmaking between the individual and company needs, and the available modules. Competence Acquired from completed modules are carefully documented, which is crucial for both employee and employer.

The upscaling of Ingenjör4.0 mobilizes teaching resources for upskilling at 13 different Swedish Universities. The initiative also creates a national, effective, and long-term collaboration between individual universities, making it possible for the universities to specialize over time and to raise their level of quality even further.

Ingenjör4.0 enables unique, innovative, large-scale, lifelong learning for professionals in industry. The initiative will increase the competitiveness of Swedish industry and strengthen Sweden’s role as an international innovation and digitalization leader.


Ingenjör4.0 is a module-based upskilling program for future smart manufacturing. It is aimed at professionals with an engineering background but may also engage other professions such as operators, technicians, management etc. with an interest in smart and connected manufacturing. The initiative originally developed within the strategic innovation program Produktion2030 but is now funded by Vinnova’s programme for Sustainable Industry.

Ingenjör4.0 includes 16 (now expanding to 48) upskilling modules, corresponding to multiple key areas within the digitalization of industry also called Industry 4.0. Each module area contains several submodules that broadens and deepens the topic.

The module setup makes it easy for the industry to customize upskilling based on a matching between individual employees’ and the company’s unique needs.

Ingenjör4.0 coordinated by Halmstad University.

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