Here you will find our logo, templates, images etc. that are free to download and use in the Produktion2030 context. In our graphic manual you will find guidelines for how the material should be used. If you have questions about our graphic material, contact our communications manager.

Produktion2030’s magazine

We have finally launched our new magazine about sustainable production in Sweden – initiatives, activities and people. Click on the image below to browse the magazine directly.

Video bank

Production2030 has a video bank on → Youtube and one on → Vimeo with videos from events, projects and seminars.


Our logo is available in four variants. The main logo to be used in the first place is available in positive and negative versions: “Prod2030_logo_pos” and “Prod2030_logo_neg“. The background area where the logo is placed determines which version to use.

There is also a black variant “Prod2030_logo_black” and a white “Prod2030_logo_white“. These variants should only be used if the main logo cannot be reproduced in a good way, for example against a very messy background or if it is black and white print.

All logos are available in versions for web and Microsoft Office (.jpg and .png) as well as for print (.ai and .eps).

→ Download Prod2030 logo pos
→ Download Prod2030 logo neg
→ Download Prod2030 logo black
→ Download Prod2030 logo white
→ Download Prod2030 Sustainability logo

Logo banner

When Produktion2030 is the sender, we also want to include our principal, our founders, and our supporting partners. That is why our “logo banner” must also be included. There are two variants, one in Swedish and one in English.

The logo banners are available in versions for web and Microsoft Office (.png) as well as for print (.eps).

→ Download Prod2030 logo banner x3
→ Download Prod2030 logo banner x3_Eng

Icons for challenges

Here you will find icons for each challenge.

The icons are available in web format (.png) and in print format (.ai), in a number of colors (light blue, dark blue, white and black) and the symbols for each challenge in ppt.

→ Download for Web och Print - SV
→ Download English translation of the symbols for each challenge in PPT

Image bank

Produktion2030 has an image bank on Flickr with images from events, projects and images from our website. The pictures can be downloaded on Flickr. For other press photos, contact communications manager Hanna Widell. To download an image, tap it and then the link to get to Flickr where you can select the size to download.

→ See more photos on Produktion2030's Flickr