Analysis and internationalization

Produktion2030 invests in analysis and internationalization in order to increase international cooperation in production research and innovation. Produktion2030 is part of European platforms such as EFFRA, Manufuture and Digitizing European Industry.

The EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation makes major investments in industrial digitization. Production2030’s Analysis and Internationalization continuously follows the development of national and international strategies, agendas, roadmaps and research programs.

→ Manufuture
→ European Factories of the Future Research Association
→ EIT Manufacturing
→ Made in Europe


Production2030’s internationalization work is carried out by program management, program offices, steering groups, research and innovation councils, expert groups and consultants.

  • Participation in Factories of the Future Partnership Board (EU Commission’s collaboration group within the PPP program Factories of the Future)
  • Presentation of Production2030 at EU Commission conferences
  • Monitoring the development of the EU Commission’s development of work programs, etc. by our representative on site in Brussels, Charlotte Andersdotter.
  • Swedish-Belgian Innovation Initiative; “Digitalisation of Industry”
  • Design of the European Commission’s roadmap for research and innovation for the next framework program, Horizon Europe, within the technology platform ManuFuture and within the PPP organization EFFRA
  • Working groups working on the design of the European Commission’s roadmap for digitizing Europe’s industry (DEI-Digitising European Industry)
  • Development of the EIT-Manufacturing program
    Production2030’s analysis and internationalization work also includes collaboration with global programs, eg. World Economic Forum and World Manufacturing Forum. Examples of activities:
  • Participation in working groups within the World Economic Forum: 1) Future of Advanced Manufacturing and Production 2) Future Production Workforce
  • Presentations and participation from Production2030 at the World Manufacturing Forum: 1) Monterrey, Mexico 2017 2) Como, Italy 2018

Production2030 study trips

Production2030 has conducted study and contact trips, external analysis and investigated opportunities for collaboration in production research.

  • 2013 – Tyskland (Stuttgart, Aachen, Berlin, Chemnitz, mm)
  • 2015 – USA (Chicago, Washington DC, Maryland, mm)
  • 2016 – Singapore
  • 2017 – Silicon Valley

Production2030 has collaborated with Business Sweden in marketing Sweden in India, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and other countries.

Contact person

For more information contact:
Johan Stahre, Chalmers
[email protected]