For companies to be competitive, they need access to world-class talent. In order to develop and strengthen the talent base in the production field, Produktion2030 runs a national research school with courses available to PhD students and companies alike.

Produktion2030’s graduate school was launched in 2014 and today has more than 30 courses, including within our areas of strength. Several courses have strong links to the Swedish manufacturing industry.

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Master of Science in Engineering 4.0 “Civilingenjör 4.0”

Production2030 develops new course modules for master’s degree programs in Swedish universities and colleges.

The focus is on industrial digitization. The aim is to create a national education package within Industry 4.0 that is available to all technical universities and colleges.

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Ingenjör 4.0

Ingenjör 4.0 is a unique initiative to develop modules with “topical” content that responds to the rapid ongoing digitalization of industry, often called Industry 4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution.

Skills development and life-long learning are one of the biggest challenges for Swedish industry and employees. That is why INGENJÖR 4.0 is launched – a newly developed web-based continuing education program developed in co-operation by 13 Swedish Universities.

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