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“I think the applicability of the Produktion2030 Graduate School courses is quite unique ”

Strategiskt innovationsprogram: Samlar Sverige för hållbar och konkurrenskraftig produktion

“I think the applicability of the Produktion2030 Graduate School courses is quite unique ”

  • Clarissa González is a PhD candidate at Chalmers University of Technology, doing research about servitization and exploring how service-based business models in combination with digital technologies can provide advantages from an environmental and economic perspective.

I think the Produktion2030 Graduate School is a great opportunity to meet other PhD students and researchers, but also to travel within Sweden, especially for those of us who come from abroad, she says.

Clarissa has taken the courses such as Production Innovation, Engineering Design Research Methodology, Get Your Paper Published, Sustainable Development, Transdisciplinary Approach to Circular Economy Research and several editions of Communication and Media Training.

When I started to look at the courses available in the Produktion2030 Graduate School, it was amazing to recognize many professors whose work I look up to. People who you might run into at a conference, but it is a totally different thing to have access to their time almost like provisional supervisors, Clarissa says.

One thing that Clarissa thinks distinguishes Produktion2030 Graduate School is that all courses try to connect to the students’ own research:

– All courses try to ensure that you make progress in your own research, such as writing an article or a chapter for your dissertation. I think the applicability of the Produktion2030 Graduate School courses is quite unique.

Clarissa encourages PhD students thinking about joining the Produktion2030 Graduate School to register for interest if you want to take a course, instead of waiting for the starting date.

If we show and raise our voice about what we want and need, we have the chance to get it tailormade, she says.

She also suggests taking the chance to network with other PhD students. The students from one of the courses Clarissa has taken, formed a LinkedIn group to stay in touch.

– I would like to encourage everyone to take networking initiatives to maximize the value of the courses, Clarissa says and give one last advice:

– Take the chance to maximize the value you get from the time of our professors, ask them for feedback, they are always very helpful and inspiring!

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