Area of strength: Flexible production

DiLAM – Digitalized Large Scale Additive Manufacturing


DiLAM will strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish manufacturing through improved production flexibility and quicker time to market. This will be achieved by combining the digital and physical supply chains for additive manufacture in industrial production and product development of large components. Additive manufacturing offers the potential to solve many of the major challenges in manufacturing and developing specially designed large-scale plastic details, such as long lead times, long time to market and the need for large and expensive production tools. To achieve this, account must be taken of the whole supply chain, in order to ensure high product quality and traceability.


By applying a fully digitalised supply chain, DiLAM will demonstrate how additive manufacturing and digitalisation can increase flexibility and reduce the entry thresholds and risks for the participating end-users when introducing large-scale additive manufacturing. The whole industrial product development cycle will be demonstrated through a series of case studies. These will be selected by the companies involved (end-users), all of which have a considerable need for digitalised and integrated additive manufacturing in order to cut lead times for specially designed and customer-specific products. The long-term effect of the project will be to increase the application of digitalised additive manufacturing within Swedish industry, which in turn will lead to greater flexibility and competitiveness.