Sensible Value Chain: Material Flows, Roles and Circular Economy – SCARCE

Om projektet

SCARCE will investigate the needs, possibilities and obstacles in value chains up- and down-stream from a focal SME company. SCARCE will explore what data to measure and visualize, and how this data can enable more automated execution, as well as, more dynamic and proactive planning of production capacity and material flows across the companies in the value chain. In addition, we will study organizational capabilities, especially the future human role, for implementing and managing in a digital and data-driven value chain.


The project start from available implemented internal digital platforms. These are developed and expanded into inter-company digital platforms by increasing the value chain’s sensibility, referring to both the capability of sensing and rapidly reacting to changes, and a way of working that includes possible users’ senseful and practical use. Focus is on improving the overall performance of value chains by efficient material flows, enabled by developing new data-driven capabilities that support production planning and control, material handling, circularity and future workers. This will be performed through four workshops concerning five perspectives/disciplines of expertise: digital technology and visibility, materials handling and automation, advanced analytics in production and supply chain planning processes, human factors and sustainable operations. The figure summarises the project scope and the five perspectives as enablers for the Sensible value chain.



Four research partners, four manufacturing/recycling companies in value chains, and three IT suppliers are the start of the consortium. In stage 2, both operational industrial, and research demonstrators will be developed.