Strategiskt innovationsprogram: Samlar Sverige för hållbar och konkurrenskraftig produktion

Infrastructure for Digitalization enabling industrialization of Additive manufacturinG – (IDAG)

The initiation project IDAG addresses the need to understand and architect the digital infrastructure and platform necessary for industrialization of Additive Manufacturing (AM).

IDAG will deliver a roadmap for digitally connected AM value chain and a proposal for how to address major gaps through the “Demonstrator project”. IDAG brings together industrial case representatives, two leading digital environment providers, a research institute and a university to jointly develop the roadmap.

The roadmap will be created after analyzing the needs for digital information flows to support AM use cases in industries and comparing with an international state of the art analysis covering e.g. i) material traceability, ii) material properties, iii) post-processing, iv) build-management & scheduling, and also v) compliance to standards such as AS9100/NADCAP.

Today, the limitations of current PLM, ERP and MES solutions force the AM-industry to manually maintain records in e.g. spreadsheets; which is prone with errors as well as is a labor intensive and inefficient use of skilled labor. Also, current ways of working lack standardization and are fragmented from the core system, which means that analysis of  big data to optimize product quality and productivity is almost impossible. IDAG will prepare for a demonstration phase enabling efficient processing of AM big data athat remove major showstoppers for AM adoption and scalability.

Project leader
Prof. Isaksson, Ola
[email protected]
+46 (0) 72 385 1243

Participating organisations
→ Chalmers
→ Rise IVF
→ Höganäs
→ Brogrens
→ Eurostep
→ Valuechain
→ GKN Aerospace

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