Digitala Värdekedjor I SkogsIndustrin, DiVISI


Maria Nordström, Skogforsk

+46 (0) 18-18 85 00

Om projektet

Forestry and forest products constitute pillars of the Swedish bio economy. Swedish sawmills are global players, exporting approx. 80 % of total production of sawn goods. Resource-efficiency and profitability throughout the value chains from forest to final customer are prerequisites to maintain sustainable forestry operations. Currently, efforts are taken to digitalise communication within forest and forest industry processes, respectively. However, systems are still lacking to efficiently share and propagate information within the whole value chain. If a digital, transparent and standardised exchange of information would be in place, sawmills would have a possibility to efficiently specify raw material needs in better detail and timber suppliers could declare their deliveries in real-time. Such an information flow also constitutes the basis for planning and steering of logistics both to industry as well as at industry, quality control of value chain activities and make verified certification of sawn goods possible.


Step 1 of the proposed project will result in a plan for development and implementation of a control and steering function that improves planning and ordering for sawmills as well as timber suppliers and transport organisations. The consortium that stands behind the plan will include relevant partners of different sizes and with different roles in the value chain. The project will contribute to a more sustainable production where efficiency improvements increase capacity and thus strengthen the competitiveness and profitability of the forest sector. It will also contribute to a stimulating work environment that can attract and retain competent people, contributing to development of rural parts of Sweden.