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Democratising AI in manufacturing organisations

3d rendering cyborg control robot assembly line in car factory

Factory employees’ creativity, problem-solving abilities, and flexibility in executing operations are essential in a real production setting. Here, factory employees include those working close to the factory operations, such as operators, their leaders, technicians, production engineers, and production and logistic planners.

Establishing active participation of these employees in the technical changes is vital to utilise the full potential of technology adoption and ensure sustainable changes toward high-performance operations. However, in utilising AI in production, the situation is nearly the opposite.

Many advanced data analytics projects are driven by a few data science experts and take place in isolation from the manufacturing line organisation. This isolation contributes to a significant knowledge gap between the data science experts and the factory employees.

This project aims to fill this gap by democratising AI: making the technology and the work methods of building AI applications significantly more accessible to factory employees so that they can take active roles in applying AI in production and the company’s transformation into a data-driven organisation. We develop and deliver tools and methods to enable the AI democratisation in manufacturing organisations. These deliverables aim to increase their agency about the new technology, raise their awareness of data quality and coherence, and help them better understand the potential and limitations of AI.

The end goal is that factory employees, with the tools and methods developed in this project, can exploit their creativity and expertise to directly contribute to data-driven applications and, at the same time, create more meaningful, enjoyable, and socially sustainable workplaces. These contributions will result in more competitive datadriven organisations.

Yuji Yamamoto, Mälardalen University
+46 73 662 13 58

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