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ARR – Automation in Repair and Re-manufacturing

Repairs and remanufacturing are two sustainable activities of today’s and the future’s circular economies as these activities gets products back on the market instead of being scrapped.

Remanufacturing is an industrial process whereby products are restored to like-new condition. In contrast, a repaired or rebuilt product normally retains its identity, and only those parts that have failed or are badly worn are replaced or serviced. For many of the companies performing repairs and remanufacturing it is challenging to stay competitive in the market. Since automation solutions are steadily improved these kinds of solutions are getting more and more attention. This research proposal is called “Automation in Repair and Remanufacturing (ARR)” and has the objective to develop the potential for automation in repairs and remanufacturing.

The two overarching goals with the ARR project goal is to
1. Identify the challenges with automation of repairs and remanufacturing
2. Demonstrate conceptual implementations of automation for repairs and remanufacturing.

We aim to reach these goals within a consortium of SMEs which are robot system implementers, repairers and remanufacturing companies.

Erik Sundin
[email protected]
+46 13 28 66 01

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