Ingenjör4.0 – CALL for module area team participation

An Invitation to additional researchers and research teams to participate in the Upskilling of Swedish industry for future smart manufacturing in the area of Industry4-5.0


This call is initiated in the process of exploring procedures and gathering experience for life-long learning in co-operation between Academia and Industry.

During the last two years the Swedish Production Academy together with Production2030 have initiated e-learning for industry using a ”20 hours study module concept”, applied on Industry 4.0. Read More


The offer here is to sign up you self or your University team to join in with the Ingenjör4.0 initially established ”module teams” (see the table1 below) and participate in the development of the module area strategy, development and teaching in the 16 module areas we have today.

The16 module areas are framing the initial knowledge areas critical to develop to support successful Swedish implementation of ”the future smart industry” supporting a world leading position.

What can you ANTICIPATE if you JOIN a module TEAM?

As a member of an Ingenjör4.0 module team you are expected to participate together with the coordinating University, partner Universities and Industrial partners in the planning of the module area (including suggesting the budget), participate at project meetings and workshops as well as develop and teach in the module areas sub-modules.

We think you as an applicant have excellent research and/or practical implementation track in the module area subject areas and can complete the current teams with special skills and ideas. We also think you have a strong motivation to develop life-long learning and e-learning in co-operation between industry and academia.

What are the FINANCIAL frames and possibilities for me?

As a member of a module team, you are entitled to share the budget share according to the planning by the module team and decided by the project management. The frame for the module development, module “maintenance” and teaching within a module area is for the four years about 840kSEK to be distributed within the module area active partners.

The TIME frame of the Ingenjör4.0 and this call

  • Outgoing from existing module teams.
  • New teams/ University groups can apply or be invited by the existing module teams.
  • April 22nd last day to apply, in the form below.
  • Module teams descuss composition of teams and suggest to the project office composition.
  • Module teams developed by the project office and Module teams in consensus and discussed at the Production Academy meeting in Skövde 26th of April.
  • April 27th module teams presented at WG Wednesday meeting 26/4.
  • Initial Module area implementation plan for sub-module content developed for all the 3 modules.
  • May 18th module area implementation plan version 1 ready presented at WG Wednesday meeting 25/5.
  • Presented to the reference- and user groups for feed-back.
  • Developing a second sub-module ready autumn 2022/spring 2023.
  • Third module ready at latest autumn 2023 for launch.
  • Continous reporting to working- reference- and user groups.

HOW DO I APPLY for module area participation, special requirements and not the least, WHEN DO I GET FEED-BACK?

To sign up your or your research teams’ interest to join and contribute to one of the current module teams, please fill out the form below stating your affiliation, background, team and ideas for possible contribution to be considered. A good preparation for the application could be to contact the current module teams (see table 1) to get more info.

April the 27th you will get the feedback and a decision from the project manager.

The 16 MODULE AREAS and current module teams

The current set up is 16 module areas where 15 modules today have implemented the initial sub-module.  The content of the sub-modules can be found as described in figure 1 below at

Can any organization apply?

The project is managed by the Swedish Production Academy and module areas are coordinated by Academy partners.  Additional academic departments from the group of 13 Academy Universities ( ) and Swedish Universities outside the Production Academy is also welcome to apply via the form on the home page.  We are looking for a creative mixture of the best researchers and educators in the 16 module areas possible based on the current module area teams (table 1).

International partners, Companies and other organizations are possible to connect to the project IF applying to Vinnovas statues but ONLY ON INVITATION from the project management -contact or  OR connect to some of your local University members of the Swedish Production Academy presidium who in turn can contact the project management and support the case.

What if I’m already connected to a module area but want to contribute to another module area team?

In this case, please submit your information on the form below to let us know who is interested to be connected to the individual module area teams.

The Module areas of the project -Module areas and current teams (coordinating University in blue text)

N.Module AreaModule Team
1Smart Products and Industrial Internet of ThingsLinköping University, prof. Luis Ribeiro, and team
2Cyber Physical Systems and Digital TwinsSkövde University, prof. Amos Ng, and team
3Connectivity, 5G, and Cloud CommunicationChalmers, prof. Johan Stahre, Maja Barring, and team
4Autonomous RobotsKTH, ass. prof. Xi Wang, and team
5Additive ManufacturingChalmers, Halmstad University, prof. Eduard Hrya (Chalmers), prof. BG Rosén HU, Amogh Krishna HH and teams
6Human Robot CollaborationChalmers, prof. Johan Stahre-temporary contact and teams
7Big Data Machine learning and SensorsLund University, Halmstad University, prof. Mattias Ohlsson HU, Oleksandr Gutnichenko LU, Andrii Hrecuk LU, and teams
8Management of Manufacturing DigitalizationLuleå University, KTH, prof. Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck LU, prof. Monica Belgran KTH, Lisa Larsson LTU and teams
9Visualization, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality InterfacesChalmers, Mälardalen University, prof. Jessica Bruch and Antti Salonen MDU, prof. Björn Johansson Chalmers, Leo Hatvani MDU, and teams
10Standards and Interoperability in Digitized IndustryKTH, Eurostep AB, prof. Bengt Lindberg KTH, Gunilla Franzén Sivard KTH, Per Brorsson Eurostep, Jonas Rosén Eurostep
11Cyber Security, Industrial Data Protection and Data integrityMälardalen University, Linnaeus University, prof. Francesco Flammini MDU, Maryam Sahid MDU, Ola Flygt LNU, with teams and teams (not yet assigned as official partners) from University of Naples Federico II, University of Skövde, and Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering
12Global ProductionKTH, Lund University, prof. Magnus Wiktorsson KTH, prof Jan Olhager LU, Tarun Kumar Agrawal KTH, Wajid Ali Khilji KTH, and teams
13Smart MaintenanceChalmers, KTH, prof. Anders Skoogh Chalmers, Jon Bokrantz Chalmers, prof. Andreas Archenti KTH, Karoly Szipka KTH, Maheshwaran Gopalakrishnan KTH and teams
14Sustainable Product SystemsLinköping University, Lund University, prof. Erik Sundin, prof. Glenn Johansson LU, Niclas Svensson LIU
15Sustainable Production systemsKTH, Chalmers, Lund University, prof. Magnus Wiktorsson, prof. Björn Johansson, prof Jan-Eric Ståhl, Christina Windmark, and teams
16Platforms and Digital single MarketsTo be decided in co-operation with Vinnova Digitala stambanan
Module areaModule area

Ingenjör4.0 is a module-based upskilling program for future smart manufacturing. The modules are developed by 13 Swedish Universities and makes it easy for the industry to customize their upskilling in parallel with regular work.

We offer premium quality 13 Swedish Universities gives the skills development high quality and credibility.

We are at the forefront
The skills development is at the forefront both in terms of knowledge and design.

We are accommodating
We match needs with learning paths, we integrate systems, we support the students so that the upskilling is actually done.

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