The testbed project SUMMIT helps SAAB to plan a plant in Brazil

One of Produktion2030’s testbed projects, SUMMIT, has proved to be very helpful when SAAB is building a new plant in Brazil. Björn Johansson, project manager for SUMMIT, tells us more about how the project has contributed.

SAAB is in the process of building a new plant, Saab Aeronáutica Montagens (SAM), outside São Paulo in Brazil, which will manufacture the JAS Gripen aircraft. Through 3D scanning, it is already possible to experience what the factory will look like by using e.g. VR goggles – this thanks to SUMMIT.

– Chalmers and other partners in the SUMMIT consortium has worked with SAAB for a long time, so this was a natural next step, says Björn Johansson, professor at Chalmers and project manager for the testbed project SUMMIT.

Just before Christmas last year, SAAB began the work with Björn and his project partners at Chalmers on planning the new plant. Chalmers 3D scanned the entire existing workshop floor and then integrated it with the 3D CAD drawings of machines and resources. This combination gives a very good accurate model of the real future factory in 3D.

– Through this virtual twin that we have developed, SAAB can test the plant already before it is built. They can make sure that they can get the material in and out of the plant, ensure that they have allocated enough space the current work packages – simply validate the feasibility of the the plant in advance, continues Björn.

The work with the factory is still at an early stage and although SUMMIT has already produced the initial 3D-models, they will be involved throughout the journey.

– We will continue to work with the plant and continuously update the 3D-models. From a research perspective, we are also interested in studying the development and following up the results, concludes Björn.