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Digitala Stambanan – Platform and Ecosystem Strategy

Platform and Ecosystem Strategy for a stronger and more innovative industrial sector

  • 09:00-12:00
  • Venue

    Digital Seminar – Zoom
    Digital Seminar, Sverige

For whom
People working with digital strategies in industrial companies and other actors that support digital innovation in this space.

The Digital Seminar Goals & Objectives
Inspire, educate and network with people from the Swedish industrial sector and in closely related areas, all with an interest in platforms and ecosystems.

There has been a radical and disruptive change the last 10 years. Companies that we used to know as the most valuable and successful are replaced by big tech giants. A vast majority of these companies are formed in the US and Asian and Europe is falling behind. This exponential change took off in the consumer space but your industry is up next. It is in fact already happening but we sometimes don’t see it because the business mechanics is different from what we are used to. It is about being digital to the core and benefit from really low distribution costs but it is also about a different business model.

That business model is the key to how these new big tech companies get resources for their continued innovation. One major factor to their success is the use of platforms to match needs and orchestrate large amount of actors in their ecosystems. Today, everybody need a platform and ecosystem strategy to remain competitive in the new digital business landscape.

If you are working with digital strategies and want to see how the digitalisation technologies everybody is talking about fits together in the bigger business picture – join this digital seminar. You will hear from academic researchers, practitioners in the industry and examples of others who have already done it. It affects everybody from SME’s to large enterprises. Sweden needs to join Europes’ Fightback movement!

The digital seminar starts with a check-in at 08:50. Lectures are alternated with discussions and examples from industry. Towards the end, a panel will discuss questions and concerns to the topic. Make shure to post your questions at the end of form below or via an e-mail to Magnus Mörstam. The session is is rounded off with tips for continued work and a summary.

Welcome and introduction to the concept of digital platforms and ecosystems – Alexandra Larsson, Combitech, Chief Information Architect – Head of Ecosystem Facilitation and Platformization and Fredrik Svahn, Associate professor at the Department of Applied Information Technology, University of Gothenburg.

Case studies from Sydved, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and Siemens.

Panel, tips and summery.

OBS! October 05 – The Last Day to register


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