Area of strength: Resource efficient production
Area of strength: Flexible production

Vision Inspection Swedish Testbed – VIST

The project will lay the groundwork for industry to develop customer-driven solutions based on knowledge and use of the latest techniques for interferometry over large areas and 3D mapping, but also for surface checks of geometry, colour, surface topography, surface finish and temperature. By connecting the existing networks with test centres at Linköping University, Mid Sweden University and RISE to create a joint testbed, the project will help to achieve the shared goals of the industry in the field of digital, inline surface characterisation in real time.


The focus of the VIST testbed is on combining the benefits of optical measurement technology and data analysis to show, through a series of case studies selected by the participating companies, how digitalisation can help to ensure quality parameters, reduce waste material and the overall production time, and have access only to the quality parameters required, when they are required. Work in the VIST testbed is being conducted at the limit of today’s commercial systems. In addition, the VIST testbed will give the participating companies an opportunity to create tools, expand their networks and build new skills and competences.