SUMMIT – SUSTAINABILITY, SMart Maintenance and factory desIgn testbed


SUMMIT invites Swedish industry to use the Virtual Development Laboratory (VDL) at Chalmers University of Technology to develop, showcase and collaborate on the potential for digitalisation to increase competitiveness in the field of production development. The project focuses on sustainability (use of tools for resource efficiency and circularity), smart maintenance (use of machine learning algorithms to analyse production data) and factory design (use of newly developed tools for workplace design and layout planning and their connection to industrial datasets). The VDL will provide remote access to the testbed via the internet, plus local onsite access in order to collaborate on the development, testing and demonstration of digital solutions in the project’s industrial case studies. Cross-disciplinary teams of industry experts, data scientists and production domain experts will collaborate on developing and testing data-driven decision support tools.


The purpose and desired effect of SUMMIT is to improve the sustainability, efficiency and robustness of Swedish production systems by utilising the full potential of production data analysis in the design and maintenance phases. A typical procedure for a test case in the SUMMIT project: 1. Collect and stream industrial data to the VDL 2. Model scenarios related to factory design and/or smart maintenance in combinations of software in order to improve decision-making and understanding 3. Analyse the outcome of the models by performing evaluations in multi-disciplinary teams 4. Create a conceptual solution for integration of decision support in an industrial environment and for feeding findings into the development of new and existing factories.