Strategiskt innovationsprogram: Samlar Sverige för hållbar och konkurrenskraftig produktion

Enabling REuse, REmanufacturing and REcycling Within INDustrial systems (REWIND)

To remain competitive in the global market, the industry is continuously improving economic, social and environmental performance.

The REWIND project seeks to take advantage of current industrial trends in digitalisation and sustainability. Capitalising on the expertise of the academic and industrial partners, the consortium will make use of digital technologies, assessment methods, strategic planning tools and materials research to realise opportunities towards a circular economy.

Combining the principles of lean production and eco-efficiency within the processes of Stena Recycling, Volvo AB and IKEA GreenTech, the objective is to retain the value embedded in materials with circular strategies (reuse, remanufacture, recycle, repurpose and other recovery routes). These principles are complex to implement; piloting in close collaboration with diverse stakeholders is a key to success. These pilot cases will provide examples of circular economy in the Swedish industry, help to increase competitiveness, and raise Sweden’s profile on the international scene.

Lessons learnt from all three pilots will be generalised and used to develop educational tools for engineers and industry leaders to accelerate the uptake of best practices for circularity and sustainable production. By doing so, the overall production systems’ resource efficiency can be improved and our dependence on natural resources and strategic materials can be reduced to guarantee future production of environmentally-sound materials, components and products.

Project leader
Mélanie Despeisse
[email protected]
+46 (0) 733873209

Participating organisations
Chalmers University of Technology
University of Skövde
Lund University
Stena Recycling
Join (IKEA GreenTech)
Refind Technologies

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