Strategiskt innovationsprogram: Samlar Sverige för hållbar och konkurrenskraftig produktion

DigMetal – Digitalization of metal production work-flows

When producing metal assets in construction works such as staircases and railings on the outside of buildings, there is today a high degree of errors in the process, due to insufficient information about how reality appears today, as well as how the new constructions will fit into reality.

Blueprints of a constructed building are often deviating from what is finally built and digital information is not flowing efficiently through the value chain. Even small errors can have devastating consequences for the production.

There is currently advanced 3D hardware and software on the market that combined can solve parts of the problem but they are expensive and require skilled staff in measurements and data processing so few production companies are therefore using available tools.

The aim of this project is to revolutionize the digital experience for all stakeholders involved in the real estate development value chain by introducing mobile camera capture and cloud based technology that is user-friendly, cost-efficient and rapid to deploy on construction sites. The aim is that all stakeholders will have access to equivalent digital information at all times through the process to decrease the production errors and unnecessary travels.

At the end of this project, a demonstrator will be showcased that is deployed into the value chain and validated in the specific use case of stair case production, re-usable in all sorts of similar production work-flows such as window manufacturing, balcony insertion etc. The solution that will be developed in this demonstrator project will lead to a democratization of advanced technology.

Project leader
Ludvig Emgård
[email protected]

Participating organisations
→ Spotscale AB

→ ABC Solutions AB
→ SkyMaker AB
→ LTH (Lund) Byggproduktion
→ Magnentus AB
→ Åhlin & Ekeroth Byggnads AB

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