Strategiskt innovationsprogram: Samlar Sverige för hållbar och konkurrenskraftig produktion

Digitisation of Factory In A Box Solutions (Digi-FBX)

The manufacture of components for industries such as Automotive is under relentless pressure to improve lead times, resource-efficiency, flexibility and quality.

By adopting ’factory in a box’ solutions (‘FBX’) consisting of fully automated minifactories, the manufacture of components can be moved to where the components are needed. A requirement, however, is that FBX solutions can be supported remotely by specialists. The consortium therefore intends to work with an existing supply chain under pressure, to explore the feasibility of a digitised integration of all process steps, a process control system enabling process variation for individual items, and a data system to predict functionality and quality of each component by evaluating data from each process step. The digital system will integrate the entire value chain – from raw materials to usage – and be a platform for parties to support continuous improvement and development of products and production processes.

FBX solutions strengthened by this digital system have the potential to enable decentralised manufacturing with specialists supporting remotely, and to deliver targeted operational, commercial and environmental benefits. Taking the lead in the area of Digitised FBX solutions, Swedish product and production technologies’ competitiveness and global market share will increase, with a strengthening of our specialists’ competencies and reputation. Several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and targets will also be addressed directly.

Project leader
Mona Gärling, Tripart AB
[email protected]
+46 (0) 761 360258

Participating organisations
→ Mecdon AB
→ Gymotech AB
→ MTC Ltd
→ Rise IVF
→ Tripart AB

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