Strategiskt innovationsprogram: Samlar Sverige för hållbar och konkurrenskraftig produktion

Digitalization of steel production work-flows [DigSteel]

In recent years, the requirements on steel casting for bridges and roads have changed. Instead of being provided with clear plans/blueprints of a building site, Dahlströms Smidesverkstad now needs to send personnel to the installation location to gather their own measurements.

The irregular nature of these installations makes it difficult or even impossible to measure correctly resulting in loss of productivity and resources. Gatu och Väg Väst AB, who are delivering road maintenance services to the government are in urgent need of better delivery quality of the steel installations, and are together with Dahlströms Smidesverkstad in search for a solution that can result in far fewer production errors by eventually producing better digital production blueprints based on 3D scans of reality.

Spotscale is a 3D technology company within scanning of reality, data processing and visualization. Mastering a variety of scanning technologies, Spotscale produces 3D models of built structures and terrain. RISE are experts in drone platforms and adjacent technologies that will be evaluated as a potential capturing platform for the 3D models. The aim of step 1 (initiation) of this project is to investigate the problem in depth and evaluate the suitability of different scanning technologies as a basis of an enhanced steel production workflow. After the project, a suggested technical end-to-end workflow will be proposed, that will enhance the process for Dahlströms Smidesverkstad in order to decrease the errors delivered to Gatu Väg Väst AB.

Project leader
Ludvig Emgård
+46 (0) 705 87 79 86

Participating organisations
→ Dahlströms Smidesverkstad AB
→ Spotscale AB
→ Gatu och Väg Väst AB
→ LTH Byggproduktion

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