Area of strength: Virtual production

VISION – Automated quality inspection in assembly lines through low-cost vision system


The aim of the project is to develop a low-cost, high-performing vision system for automated quality inspections in assembly lines based on cheap hardware and state-of-the art machine learning algorithms for real-time image processing. The motivation behind the project is to enable a massive use of automated quality inspections within the Swedish production industry in order to reduce, or even eliminate, quality defects in manual assembly processes. Besides increased quality, a driving factor behind the project is to lower production costs through avoid handling rejections and being able to replace today’s manned quality inspection stations with automated inspections along the production line, which does also enable shorter lead times.


In the project, a fully functional solution on TRL 6 will developed and evaluated through a number of industrial test cases. It will also be implemented in a publically available demonstrator. To ensure that any company, regardless of size, can easily install and afford the solution the vision system will be designed for cheap off-the-self cameras costing less than 300 SEK. The system will be published as open source software available for anyone to download and use without cost.


The project consortium involves seven partners; two universities, one research institute, two large manufacturing companies, one SME manufacturing company and one industrial development center owned by over 150 SME manufacturing companies. All partners have unique expertise that taken together matches the needs of the project very well and ensures that a state-of-the-art solution that meet the needs of large as well as smaller manufacturing
companies is developed.