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Meet the PhD School’s students – Jesko Schulte

Strategiskt innovationsprogram: Samlar Sverige för hållbar och konkurrenskraftig produktion

Meet the PhD School’s students – Jesko Schulte

  • New perspectives, new ideas and an invaluable contact network. This summarizes Jesko Schulte’s view of the Graduate School Produktion2030’s courses that has enhanced the quality and reach of his research.

Jesko is a PhD student at the Department of Strategic Sustainable Development at Blekinge Institute of Technology and researches the area of ​​sustainable product development. In March 2019, he graduated with his Licentiate degree and has around 1,5 years to go until his PhD defence.

Jesko has attended three of the Graduate School Produktion2030’s courses. He is very pleased with the knowledgeable and committed teachers, flexible setup and content that is specifically tailored to doctoral students.

The level of the courses is very high, says Jesko and continues: The Graduate School is a good way to interact with other universities, both in Sweden and Norway. I also had the opportunity to share my ideas and research results with my fellow participants that I got equally inspired by.

Jesko feels that he has benefited greatly from all the courses he participated in. The first one, A Critical Review of the Product Development Process, was useful as his research includes environmental science, but also product development. The second one, Sustainability in Engineering, is close to his PhD study.

The best takeaway of this course was to meet teachers and students from other universities who are doing research within the same area, says Jesko. I met friends and contacts with whom I had many interesting discussions.

The third course, Research Communication in Media, was more practical and an important training when reaching out to the general public.

I have already benefited greatly from this course, for example before an interview with a research magazine and a radio program, explains Jesko.

His advice is to take the opportunity to do courses at other universities than your own.

You develop so much as a person, gain new perspectives on your work and widen your contact network, he says.

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