Meet the PhD students of Produktion2030 Graduate School!

Produktion2030 Graduate School has given me valuable networks

In a series of interviews, we meet PhD students who have participated in Produktion2030 Graduate School. This time, Produktion2030 has met Ilaria Barletta who has attended several of the Graduate School’s courses. She feels that the courses not only provided her with useful knowledge that she could use in her research, but also a valuable network with other PhD students around Sweden.

PhD student Ilaria Barletta, who researches on methods to manage sustainable production at Chalmers University of Technology, has during the last few years completed five different courses in the Produktion2030 Graduate School; International Production, Sustainable Development, Product Design Optimisation, Research Communication in Media, Step 1 and Step 2.

– The first thing I think about when it comes to the Graduate School is the relationships and networks with other PhD students I created during the courses – both in terms of friends and valuable contacts for my research. Although we came from different disciplines, we found that we have had a lot in common, says Ilaria.

Ilaria thinks that all the courses she has taken have been useful for her own research, but all in different ways.

– The media course really made me understand how important it is that us as researchers are able to communicate our results. It was also thanks to what I learned in that course that I was able to start my own podcast, DigiTalk Pod, at Chalmers, says Ilaria.

– And through the course Product Design Optimisation, I learned about different optimisation techniques – that is something I normally not use but that I am now familiar with, which helps a lot when I come across those techniques in the literature. Furthermore, it is a great start for those who, like myself, wants to learn more about machine learning, Ilaria continues.

Among all the interesting courses of the Graduate School, Ilaria advises PhD students who are thinking of attending any of the Graduate School courses to choose the courses which suit each student’s PhD plan best.

– Consider how relevant the course’s content is to your own research, but also how much time you can devote to the studies. Some courses are more time-consuming than others, so it is important to find a good balance between the Graduate School and your other doctoral commitments, finishes Ilaria.