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Meet the PhD students of Produktion2030 Graduate School! – Daniel Johansson

Strategiskt innovationsprogram: Samlar Sverige för hållbar och konkurrenskraftig produktion

Meet the PhD students of Produktion2030 Graduate School! – Daniel Johansson

  • The interview series with PhD students who have participated in the Produktion2030 Graduate School continues - this time we meet Daniel Johansson, PhD student at Lunds universitet.

The course gave me an aha-experience about how to communicate my research

When Produktion2030 meets Daniel Johansson, who researches on metal cutting processing, he is in the final stage of his doctoral studies with his disputation just a few weeks away. During his years as a PhD student, he has taken several of the courses offered by Production2030 Graduate School; International Production, Research Communication in Media, Step 1, Advanced Metal Cutting and Advanced Production Systems.

For Daniel, all the courses he has studied have been very good and worthwhile, but all in different ways.

The media course really gave me an aha-experience about how I should communicate my research. This is something I have already benefited greatly from in my meetings with the Swedish industry. Choosing the right level and explaining why the research is important including what kind of function it fills, is something I truly have brought along from the course, says Daniel.

As for the course in International Production, which included a study trip to India, Daniel feels that it gave him a true understanding that an optimal production process looks differently depending on where in the world it takes place.

It was useful to raise one’s sight and get a global perspective on production aspects, and with that also understanding of the cultural challenges that exist, Daniel continues.

One course that Daniel appreciated to have studied before the trip to India was Advanced Production System.

The course builds a link between technology and economics, and vice versa, and it gave me tools to analyze what I experienced during the various factory visits in India, Daniel explains.

In addition to useful and in-depth knowledge, Daniel thinks that through Produktion2030 Graduate School he got an understanding of what is happening at other universities and new networks.

Now it is easier to know who I can turn to when needed and many of those I have studied together with at the Graduate School will certainly make valuable professional contacts in the future, concludes Daniel.

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