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Meet the Graduate School’s PhD student Md Masud-Ur Rashid

The courses have created important value and uniqueness to my research.

Mr Rashid is very pleased with his learning at the Graduate School Produktion2030. His new colleagues and visits to industries have given him a whole new perspective on his work.

Mr Rashid is currently pursuing his PhD at the Production Engineering Department at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He is researching on a novel solution for improving cutting tool life for metal cutting processes. He is also working as the Research Coordinator at Plasmatrix Materials AB.

So far, he has completed four courses at Produktion2030’s Graduate School and his feedback is very positive:

From the course Get Your Paper Published, he learned a systematic approach of publishing a scientific article. This gave him space and attention in a reputed journal of his field.

Topics of the Disturbance Analysis in Manufacturing Systems course work helped him understand the various uncertainties of his manufacturing process.

It also provided me with a systematic guideline on how to handle those uncertainties, Mr Rashid says

Through the course Production Innovation, he gained a deeper understanding of the innovation concept for his sophisticated system.

Keeping that realization in mind, now I know how to create value and uniqueness to my product, which I am developing in my research work, he says.

In the course International Production, he learned more about sustainability, innovation culture, state-of-the art manufacturing technologies of various production systems in different countries.

It has been very interesting and pleasing to discuss with my multidisciplinary PhD colleagues from other universities, says Mr Rashid.

They have provided me with a whole new perspective. I particularly enjoyed the hands-on experiences from our visits in different industries, he says.

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