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Interview with Produktion2030 Graduate School graduate – Narges Asadi

Strategiskt innovationsprogram: Samlar Sverige för hållbar och konkurrenskraftig produktion

Interview with Produktion2030 Graduate School graduate – Narges Asadi

  • Produktion2030 Graduate School offers doctoral students a number of courses at universities and colleges around Sweden - all with the purpose of equipping researchers for the industry of the future. Narges Asadi, PhD and Quality & OpEx Specialist at ABB Robotics, is one of the graduate students who has participated and who encourages others to do the same.

This unique learning experience has been once in a lifetime occasion

Two years ago, Narges Asadi, whose area of research is Innovation and Design – Production System Development, participated in two of the courses in the Produktion2030 Graduate School; International Production and Research Communication in Media, Step 1.

One of the things Narges appreciated the most was the set-up of the courses. Since PhD students from different universities of Sweden participated in the courses, she had the opportunity to network with researchers from other universities. A set-up she hopes the courses continue to maintain and thus connect more researchers to each other.

In addition, the topics, the materials and the discussion carried out during the courses were so interesting and diverse. For example, by participating in the International Production course we had the opportunity to visit more than 10 different companies and universities in India. This unique learning experience has been once in a lifetime occasion that taught me a lot both on a personal and professional level and I would certainly always carry it on with me, says Narges.

During the courses Narges also got the chance to learn more about ongoing industrial/academic research projects and discuss common concerns as a PhD student in Sweden. She also liked that the lecturers belonged to different academic environments than hers, and she found it really interesting to learn more about the different mindsets in other academic environments than her own.

She hopes that all the connections she made during the courses could form her contacts both for future and present. And she calls on doctoral students who are thinking of taking one of the Produktion2030 Graduate School’s courses to take the chance.

Give yourself this great and unique opportunity to participate in the courses offered by the Graduate School. Be prepared for a lot of interesting discussions, contacts, and perhaps collaborations that it might result in and last, finishes Narges.

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