Analysis and internationalization

Produktion2030 invests in analysis and internationalization in order to increase international cooperation in production research and innovation. Produktion2030 is part of European platforms such as EFFRA, Manufuture and Digitizing European Industry.


EFFRA: European Factories of the Future Research Association. Association for Industry, Academy and Research Institute in Europe. EFFRA operates for industry-relevant research and innovation in the EU.



Manufuture: European arena for industry, academy and research institutes. Manufuture appears to increase industrial production in the member countries.



Produktion2030 makes international study visits to analyze and strengthen networks with international production research and innovation. Produktion2030 has visited e.g. Singapore, Japan, India, South Korea and the United States.

For further information, contact:

Johan Stahre
[email protected]

International logs

S kan EU stimulera och accelerera innovation
18 februari 2019

The importance of the Public Private Partnerships, PPP, model to support industrial transformation, innovation and competitiveness was the focus of a well attended seminar during the European Industry Days on 5-6 February 2019.

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