How do we work? 

The aim of Produktion2030 is to reinvigorate and strengthen Sweden’s industrial competitiveness. Through innovative know-how, strong partnerships and cutting-edge technology, we will help Sweden to remain an attractive country for production. In doing so, we will generate growth and welfare in Sweden together.


I. Projects

Produktion2030 puts out regular calls for (i) research and innovation projects, (ii) test and demonstration projects and (iii) idea projects. You can find information about ongoing and finished projects here. The projects can be filtered by the area of strength to which they relate and whether they are ongoing or finished.

II. Small and medium-sized enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a vital role in Sweden’s industrial competitiveness. Produktion2030 packages the results of all its projects to make them widely accessible. Together with regional and national industry networks, we share the results with companies and other stakeholders through workshops, seminars and so on. We also invite smaller companies to test out new technical solutions in our particular areas of strength.

III. Education

Access to skills in the field of production is key to industrial development and investment in Sweden. Higher education in the production field should involve collaboration between industry and academia. Produktion2030 has run a national research school focusing on production since 2014. The development of Civil Engineering course modules for the Civilingenjör 4.0 project also began in 2017.

IV. Internationalization and analysis

International networks and collaborations are an important part of Produktion2030. We carry out lobbying work, participate in various EU programmes, conduct strategic analyses, arrange study visits and initiate bilateral partnerships.