Great attention to Produktion2030 project in Hannover

The world’s largest industrial fair has just taken place in Hannover – the first time with Sweden as the partner country. In the Swedish pavilion, Produktion2030 was represented and the showcase of the program’s testbed project SUMMIT was one of the most noted.

”It was great to see so much interest in Sweden, that Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Stefan Löfven drew attention to Swedish production research. Production2030 contributed with digital twins together with Stena Industry Innovation Lab and large-scale additive manufacturing together with RISE,” says Cecilia Warrol, Program Manager Production2030.

Digital twins, 5G and robots collaborating with humans – that can summarize the hot themes during this year’s trade fair in Hannover. In particular, there was a considerable interest in the Produktion 2030’s testbed project SUMMIT.

– In our booth, we have carried out special demonstrations of digital twins for Chancellor Angela Merkel, Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén, Minister of Education and Research Matilda Ernkrans, and Prince Carl-Philip, says Björn Johansson, professor at Chalmers and project manager for SUMMIT.

– By using digital environments, visualizations and virtual tools, one can increase the industrial benefit in many ways in addition to reduce the use of natural resources. This may apply to everything from how to plan factories to how operators’ daily work can be more sustainable, Björn explains.

The interest in Sweden Co-Lab booth, including SUMMIT, was not only great among the 250,000 visitors of the fair, but also from the media. Some of the links and press clips below;

Svenska Kungahuset

SAT. 1 (tysk TV)

ZDF (tysk TV) – starts around 5:57

Prince Carl-Philip performed spot-welding with high accuracy in the virtual factory which is one of the demonstrators in the digital twin part of the SUMMIT-project. Photo: Johan Stahre