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The Graduate School Produktion2030 is part of Produktion2030’s Instrument of Education. It launched in 2014 and today proudly offers more than 30 higher education courses within product and production development from key competences in Swedish universities and companies. Apply for membership below and sign up for courses here!

Who can apply?

PhD graduate students and postgraduates within product and production development as well as academics and industrial stakeholders interested of enrolment can all apply for membership in the graduate school.


What is included?

  • All members receive our latest news and invitations to graduate school activities.
  • PhD students enrolled at a Swedish University can attend courses for free; PhD students not enrolled at a Swedish University can attend courses at a charge; Industrial members can attend courses, or parts of courses, at a charge.
  • All PhD students receive a diploma and certificate of membership and participation in the graduate school upon reaching their Licentiate and Doctoral degree, if 20 credits of the graduate school courses have been completed.

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