Internationalization and analysis

One of Produktion2030’s tools is internationalization, where we conduct advocacy and policy work, as well as business intelligence and international collaboration with research and innovation, within the field of production.

Produktion2030 is part of EFFRA, anetwork for industry and research organizations, which aims to strengthen research and development, focusing on major global challenges in the manufacturing industry. EFFRAS roadmap for 2020 covers 6 different key areas, which are aligned with the set priorities for Produktion2030.


Business intelligence and lobbying in Brussels is done by our representative in Brussels, Charlotte Andersdotter.


Ef þú ert í Brussel, eða þú þarft að fá frekari upplýsingar um stefnu atvinnulífs við iðnaðarsvið á evrópskum vettvangi, get in touch! Do you need an office space over the day? Please feel free to visit Charlotte’s office, and we will help you.

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Our contacts:

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Johan Stahre

Chalmers University of Technology [/ vc_column_text]

Charlotte Andersdotter

+324 72 50 46 75 [/ vc_column_text]

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