One of Produktion2030’s instruments is internationalisation, where we work to promote international collaborations on research and innovation in manufacturing.


A good base for internationalisation is provided by the European network Manufuture, a platform for actors in manufacturing and research aimed at strengthening and developing production in the member states. MANUFUTURE-SE is a national Swedish platform affiliated with the European Manufuture network. The bodies behind this platform are Swerea IVF, Teknikföretagen, Vinnova, IF Metall and Svenska Produktionsakademin.


Another affiliate of Manufuture is EFFRA, an industrial network that promotes strong research and development with a focus on major global challenges in the manufacturing industry. EFFRA’s Roadmap for 2020 covers 6 core areas which are a good match with the priorities that Produktion2030 has chosen via its areas of strength.


Produktion2030 is a member of both Manufuture and EFFRA. Strategic analysis and lobbying work in these networks is conducted through the programme management team.

For further information, contact:

Johan Stahre Chalmers University of Technology