How do we work? Our five instruments

Produktion2030 aims to renew and strengthen the competitiveness of Sweden’s manufacturing industry. Through innovative knowledge, strong partnerships and cutting edge technology, Produktion2030 contributes to Swedens attractiveness as a production country. In this way we create growth and welfare together.


I. Projects

Produktion2030 conducts regular calls for (i) research and innovation projects and (ii) test and demonstration projects. Within this section, you will find information about ongoing and completed projects. You can filter the projects based on their areas of strength and whether they are ongoing or completed.

II. Small and medium-sized enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play an important role for the competitiveness of the Swedish industry. Produktion2030 packages and distributes results from projects to SME’s all over Sweden. Together with regional industrial networks, we conduct workshops and seminars for companies and other stakeholders. If you are a smaller company, we offer you to test new technical solutions, within our areas of strength.

III. Education

Access to competence in manufacturing is key to industrial development and production investments in Sweden. Higher education in the manufacturing field should be characterized by collaboration between industry and academia. Produktion2030 organizes a national PhD School in production since 2014. Starting in 2017, courses for M.Sc. in Industry 4.0 will be available.

V. Internationalization and analysis

International networking and collaboration is an important part of Produktion2030. We work with lobbying, various EU programs, business intelligence, study trips and bilateral collaborations.