Access to a competent workforce is the primary motive for manufacturing industry to invest in production in high cost countries like Sweden. In order to secure long term competence and education in the production area, Produktion2030 organizes a National PhD School in production. In the near future we will also offer courses at Master level within Industry 4.0.

Access to adequate skills is a major societal challenge. It will affect Sweden’s and many other countries’ competitiveness for a long time to come. To meet the companies’ competence needs and to strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness, knowledge transfer from R&D to education needs to accelerate. We believe strategic collaboration between education, industry and academia is of vital importance. With support from Produktion2030, a National PhD School, and new competence to students as well as continuous education will contribute to meet the challenge.

Currently, the courses offered can be divided into three subdivisions:

For more information contact:

Bengt-Göran Rosén

Halmstad University

+46 (0) 35 16 76 04

Mattias Bokinge

Halmstad University

+46 (0) 35 16 79 16

Reference Group:

  • Peter Almström, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Björn Johansson, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Anna-Karin Christiansson, University College West
  • Jan-Eric Ståhl, Faculty of Engineering, LTH
  • Kerstin Johansen, Linköping University
  • Lars Pejryd, Örebro University
  • Andreas Archenti, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Daniel Tesfarmariam Semere, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Leo DeVin, Karlstad University and University of Skövde
  • Torbjörn Ilar, Luleå University
  • Magnus Wiktorsson, Mälardalen University
  • Varun Gopinath, Linköping University
  • Christina Windmark, Faculty of Engineering, LTH
  • Bengt-Göran Rosén, Halmstad University, Produktionsakademien
  • Kristina Säfsten, Jönköping University